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Keep Your Furnace Humming: The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Is your furnace ready for another winter season of keeping your home warm and comfortable? To ensure reliable heating and prevent untimely furnace repair, regular maintenance is essential. But how often is furnace service needed, and what does a heating tune up include? This guide covers everything you need to know about heating maintenance – straight from the furnace maintenance experts at Harker.


How Often is Maintenance Needed?

Most heating maintenance experts recommend getting your gas or electric furnace serviced annually before winter. Some manufacturers suggest a biannual heating tune-up every spring and fall. But even with regular maintenance, filters and parts can accumulate wear and debris. So if you notice any changes in performance, strange sounds, limited airflow, or spikes in energy bills, contact a heat repair company right away for furnace service. Don’t let problems go unaddressed.


Is Maintenance Necessary?

Absolutely. Preventative heating maintenance keeps your system operating safely and efficiently. Furnace maintenance experts check for issues that you can’t detect on your own. A well-maintained furnace will last over 15-20 years, while neglect can lead to premature breakdowns. Refraining from service tasks like filter changes or cleaning can force your furnace to overwork, increasing energy consumption as well. Complete neglect will likely lead to a full breakdown, requiring an emergency furnace repair and leading to some chilly days.

Think of it like getting an annual check-up at the doctor even when you feel fine. Heating preventative maintenance allows early identification and correction of minor issues before they worsen. So even if your furnace seems to be running smoothly, regular attention from an HVAC technician is still vital.


Does My Furnace Need Maintenance?

Warning signs your furnace needs a heating tune up or emergency furnace repair  include:

  • Higher utility bills from inefficient operation;
  • Not hitting the desired temperature;
  • Strange noises like clanking or loud humming;
  • Little to no airflow from vents;
  • A burning smell or other odd odors;
  • Frequent cycling on and off; and
  • Visible cracks, rust, or carbon buildup.

If you notice any of these red flags, schedule furnace service right away. Even without obvious problems, buildup and wear happen gradually inside the sealed system. Don’t wait for costly heating repair after a heating failure when temperatures drop. Stay proactive with maintenance.


What Does Furnace Maintenance Include?

A qualified HVAC technician will methodically inspect, adjust, lubricate, and clean all components. Furnaces vary depending on their make and model, but common checks include:

  • Replacing air filters;
  • Testing temperature and CO sensors;
  • Cleaning fan blades of debris;
  • Inspecting the thermostat;
  • Checking burners and heat exchangers;
  • Testing ignition system;
  • Evaluating ductwork;
  • Oiling motors;
  • Confirming proper gas valve operation;
  • Checking for gas/carbon monoxide leaks; and
  • Analyzing efficiency rating.

Thorough heating maintenance covers the furnace from top to bottom to spot potential trouble and keep everything operating safely and efficiently.


Annual Furnace Maintenance

Like an annual health screening, making furnace service an annual habit helps avoid headaches down the road. As units age past 10 years, parts wear out faster. Electrical components degrade over time. And without heating preventative maintenance, dirt, corrosion and buildup in the heat exchanger or ducts reduce airflow and performance.

Think of scheduling maintenance as insurance against unexpected repair costs and discomfort. Specialist heat repair companies like Harker Heating and Cooling offer seasonal deals on heating and cooling products and services that can provide top-notch service at a discounted rate. This makes it even easier to stay consistent with annual furnace repair and heating maintenance.


Protect Your Investment with Proper Maintenance

Your furnace represents a major system investment. Don’t undermine its longevity and performance by skipping service. Residential heating maintenance combats the gradual effects of dirt, wear and seasonal use. Identify and fix minor issues before they become major repairs or replacement necessities. Your furnace works hard keeping your home comfortable – be sure to return the favor with professional care from qualified heating maintenance experts.

For an annual heating tune up, needed  furnace service or emergency furnace repair, contact the experts at Harker Heating and Cooling today.


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