Water Heaters

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Water Heater Issues?

If you are running out of hot water quickly, or if your water isn’t heating up at all, it may be time to consider repairing or replacing your hot water heater.

Don’t suffer — call the hot water heater experts at Harker.

In the deep freeze of winter, waking up and climbing into a cold shower can throw off your family’s whole day. At Harker, we can help you diagnose your hot water heater problem and provide you with a wide variety of solutions fit for your home, including gas and electric water heater models, and tankless options. If your water heater needs a minor repair or a major overhaul, our HVAC specialists are up for the job. Call for your free in-home estimate today, and get back to comfort tomorrow.

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Water Heaters

We’ve got a team of staff ready to help you repair or replace your water heater and assess your specific needs. We guarantee our work and offer same day emergency service. Choose Harker Heating & Cooling for your water heater service, repair, and installation.

Water Heater Models

Our licensed plumbers on staff can work with you to replace your water heater with the latest models.

Water Heater & Softener Maintenance

Keep your water heater and softener systems working efficiently with regular maintenance.

Water Softeners

Have hard water in your home? Consult with Harker on installing a water softener.

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