Furnace Maintenance

Having a properly maintained furnace system will improve:


Even if your furnace ran at 90%+ efficiency when it was new, without annual service its efficiency decreases over time. For example: if your system is running at 70% efficiency, 30% of the gas you buy is not heating your home. Some heating problems can DOUBLE your operating cost.


Furnaces that are properly maintained live longer than ones that are set in the basement and forgotten about. When left alone small problems can turn into expensive repairs or replacement. Don’t let a broken furnace catch you off guard on a cold January night. Have it cleaned and checked by a certified Harker service technician.


 The big concern with poorly maintained furnaces is carbon monoxide (CO). CO is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that is formed by the burning of gas and can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Normally this gas is safely vented from your home through a chimney, but a leaking system could vent it into your home.

Environmental Impact

Just like that old car on the highway pumping out black smoke, your furnace has an exhaust system that needs to be cleaned and checked. A poorly maintained system could emit an unnecessary amount of greenhouse gas as well as use more natural gas than is needed.

Call Harker’s Service Department every fall and schedule a clean & check for your heating system.

Harker Heating’s Clean & Check service for your heating system consists of:

Why Enroll in Our Goldstar Program?

A Service Agreement provides you with routine maintenance of your equipment which yields the lowest overall operating costs while giving the customer the highest probability of year-round comfort. 

Save Money

Proper maintenance of furnaces and air conditioners lowers operating costs. Also, look at the service and new equipment savings.


Cleaning your system twice a year not only prevents break downs, but can also catch major problems before they happen.

Money Management

No fear of having an expensive repair on your furnace or air conditioner when you least expect it. Annual payments are predictable.

Peace of Mind

Sleep well knowing that your furnace & air conditioner are in the hands of certified professionals, at your service 24/7.

Be sure to check your filter!