Radiant Floor Heat


Radiant Floor Heating Installation in Madison WI

Experience the unrivaled comfort and efficiency of REHAU radiant floor heating, installed by Harker’s experts. In-floor radiant heat systems circulate warm water through a network of pipes set into your floor, providing gentle warmth right where you need it. As heat rises, radiant systems capitalize on physics to blanket your space in tranquility and comfort. No more cold floors or uneven heat distribution – just consistent, cozy warmth for bare feet.

Harker handles underfloor heating installation of the highest-quality radiant heat solutions created by the experts at REHAU. REHAU’s polymer piping networks tie seamlessly into advanced boilers and heating equipment, blanketing hardwood, tile, or concrete floors with warmth. From a full home retrofit to a single room, trust our radiant heat installers near Madison for custom climate control bliss.

Note: Radiant floor heat must tie into a boiler. To see examples of our boiler equipment visit Harker Boiler Products

Emergency HVAC Services

Dealing with a radiant heating emergency?

Harker’s specialists are available 24/7 to assist you with all of your heating and cooling needs. Just dial (608) 480-6786.


Why Radiant Heat is the Ideal Home Heating Method

The human body feels most comfortable when significant heat emission occurs via radiation. Radiant heating systems provide consistent warmth through large surface areas and mild radiated energy – allowing your body to self-regulate temperature for ultimate comfort. Gone are the days of cold floors and stuffy overheated air above your head! Our experts design radiant heat systems to generate a thermal equilibrium between people and room surfaces for ideal coziness.

With Harker as your emergency heating repair resource in Madison, take comfort in radiant floor heating designed for modern homes. For new installations or existing system upkeep, we are here for you, 24/7.

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