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Simple AC Maintenance


Here’s mom’s correspondent Pam Tauscher
with today’s moms minute I did it with
Bruce Perkins at Harker Heating and
Cooling and we’re talking about keeping
their air conditioner properly
maintained and yeah and it’s really
important it’s something I think a lot
of people overlook it’s a it’s a piece
of equipment that’s out of sight out of
mind as long as it’s working we don’t
think about it and one of the things to
keep in mind really is clearance around
the air conditioner it really needs room
to breathe so it can do its job so if
you’ve got shrubs or landscaping that’s
near it
you want to maintain proper clearance
from all sides of at least about 16
inches just so I can pull that air
through like it’s designed to do and you
want to be watching for things that are
being sucked up into the air correct
yeah you can look at the coil on most
air conditioners it’s visible and you’ll
be able to tell if it’s actually pulling
any debris in there because if it starts
to get plugged up it just really makes
it hard for the system to work it makes
it harder for the compressor to do its
job and the fan to do its job and really
it’ll start to burn those components out
so people have questions just give you
guys call absolutely we do routine air
conditioning maintenance all all the
time thank you so much see more of this
interview at momseveryday.com
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