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Save Real Money With Focus On Energy

Focus on Energy is an organization dedicated to smart energy.  Focus on Energy empowers people and businesses in Wisconsin to make educated, intelligent and economically sound decisions when it comes to energy management.  They have numerous energy efficiency and renewable energy projects available to the public and business of our State.

Harker Heating & Cooling customers have received more than $65,000 in rebates from Focus On Energy since 2017.  This is more than any other HVAC partner in the area.  With the purchase of energy efficient equipment, a precursor to many of these rebates, along with our customers, we have removed the equivalent of 44.5 cars from the road.

According to the Focus on Energy Website…

“Eliminating energy waste in Wisconsin helps everyone.

Focus on Energy’s work delivers real, measurable energy and financial savings for Wisconsin’s residents and businesses.
Installing cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects creates jobs, upgrades local infrastructure and improves the environment.
Bottom line, the energy and dollars saved through Focus on Energy strengthens Wisconsin’s economy.
By eliminating energy waste we reduce the need to purchase coal and natural gas from other states. This keeps dollars in Wisconsin and lessens the need to build additional power plants.
All told, since 2011, Focus on Energy has delivered more than $1 billion worth of net economic benefits to Wisconsin.
Focus on Energy is funded by Wisconsin’s investor-owned energy utilities, as required under Wis. Stat. § 196.374(2)(a), and participating municipal and electric cooperative utilities.”

How does this benefit you, the consumer, with your heating and cooling needs?

Focus on Energy helps you with your heating and cooling needs within two categories: Heating & Cooling Equipment, think furnaces and air condtioners, and the second catagory is Smart Thermostats.

Heating & Cooling Equipment:  Below is a list of incentives for furnaces and air conditioners.

Heating and Cooling Equipment Tier 1 Tier 2
   Incentive    Incentive  w/
Smart Thermostat*
    Incentive    Incentive  w/
Smart Thermostat*
Natural gas multi-stage furnace with ECM, 95%+ AFUE $125  $250 $525 $650
Natural gas multi-stage furnace with ECM and 95%+ AFUE
installed with a 16+ SEER central air conditioner
$250 $375 $750 $875
Modulating natural gas boiler with outdoor reset control, 95%+ AFUE $400 $525 $550 $675
Modulating combination natural gas boiler with integrated domestic hot water and outdoor reset control, 95%+ AFUE $500 $625 $675 $800
Natural gas furnace, 95%+ AFUE NA NA $350 $475
Propane multi-stage furnace with ECM, 90%+ AFUE $100 NA $300 NA
Indirect water heater (installed at the same time as qualified boiler) $100 NA $150 NA
Air source heat pump 16+ SEER and 8.4+ HSPF (propane, oil or electric furnace only; cannot be a mini-split or ductless system) $300 $425 $300 $425
ECM replacement (must replace PSC motor) $100 NA $100 NA
Ductless/mini-split heat pump for electric resistance heated home, 18+ SEER and 9.0+ HSPF (only for homes heated solely with electric resistance heat) $500 NA $500 NA
Smart thermostat stand-alone (not installed along with new program qualified HVAC equipment). For use with natural gas furnace, natural gas boiler, and air source heat pump only. $75 NA $75 NA

*Includes installation and smart thermostat incentive. NOTE: Work with your Trade Ally to ensure the equipment you install qualifies for Focus on Energy incentives. Qualified equipment lists and complete eligibility requirements are listed in the Equipment Qualifications section.

$250 BONUS when you complete Whole Home Improvements and Heating and Cooling Improvements together within 90 days of each other. Tier 1 and Tier 2 are eligible. Please note the bonus does not include smart thermostat stand-alone.

Reduce energy waste in your home, and save money

In partnership with 108 WI utilities, Focus on Energy helps single-family homeowners, renters, and property owners make energy related improvements to their homes. See if your electric and/or natural gas utility partners with Focus on Energy.

Get a $75 cash incentive for qualifying smart thermostats!

Save energy and money without sacrificing comfort. A smart thermostat “learns” your habits to help you manage home heating and cooling costs. It adjusts your HVAC equipment based on your home’s unique energy profile and the weather outside.

Smart thermostats save up to $120 annually and typically pay for themselves in two years. You can also save energy and money by controlling your home’s system wherever you go. Lower your home temperature from work a couple degrees or warm the house before heading home.

Combine with HVAC Upgrades

Some smart thermostats notify you when the system isn’t operating at top condition. You’ll know when to change a dirty filter or schedule a tune-up before you need a costly repair.

Considering new heating and cooling equipment? Ask Harker Heating & Cooling to install a smart thermostat at the same time and receive an incentive check from Focus on Energy, in addition to other Focus on Energy incentives you may receive for heating and cooling equipment.

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Video Transcript:

here’s mom’s correspondent Pam Tauscher
with today’s moms night today worth
bruce perkins at Harker Heating and
Cooling and we’re talking about focus on
energy it’s a great program people need
to know about it really is it’s been an
ongoing program in the state of
Wisconsin for a number of years there’s
incentives rebate rewards for homeowners
for upgrading their older inefficient
heating and air conditioning equipment
and putting in some of the more current
models that are far more efficient so
it’s for air conditioning and heating
yep and as well as smart Wi-Fi capable
thermostats uh-huh and it’s a cash
rebate it is it is it is a check that is
issued directly from the focus on energy
program to the homeowner there is no
in-between and you guys help walk
through this so you help with the
paperwork yeah we do we really try to
simplify things for the homeowner to
make it as easy a process as we possibly
can and if people have only heard of the
light bulb program or that type of thing
they need to know there’s a lot of good
incentives going on with heating and air
content website is a great resource for
that they can log on there and see what
programs are available right thank you
so much you’re welcome see more of this
interview at momseveryday.com
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