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Ultra-Aire 70H Dehumidifier

The Ultra-Aire 70H is the first compact, high-efficiency, whole-house ventilating dehumidifier designed to fit in tight, low-clearance applications. The unit removes up to 70 pints per day, is Energy Star® rated and provides effective air filtration (MERV-11). The Ultra-Aire 70H is designed to handle up to 1,800 sq. ft, which makes it ideal for a small home, condo, or apartment application.  The unit can be tied into a forced air duct system, ducted with separate ducting, or used in a freestanding application. It can be installed in mechanical rooms, closets, attics, basements, and crawlspaces.

The Ultra-Aire 70H has an innovative cabinet design that easily converts to either vertical or horizontal airflow discharge which allows for easier installation in tight spaces.  Flexible airflow configurations allow the Ultra-Aire 70H to be installed in locations where other dehumidifiers don’t fit due to duct issues and size constraints.

Optional fresh outdoor air may be ducted to the unit via a “T” adaptor to the inlet duct. This provides fresh air to dilute indoor pollutants and maintain a normal oxygen content in the air. The amount of fresh air ventilation can be regulated by a variety of dampers and controls.

Harker Star Rating:

This is Harker’s expert opinion on the product as a whole. Intangibles such as durability, ease of repair/install, and value are taken into consideration. We want to make it clear that we do not offer any bad products. Not every product can be used in every situation, so sometimes a 3-star product will be a better fit than a 5-star. All star ratings are pure opinion.

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  • Removes 70 pints of water a day*
  • Removes 4.9 pints per kWh*
  • Merv-11 air filter
  • Standard 65% efficient ASHRAE dust spot test


*At 80 deg and 60% R.H.


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