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Carrier Infinity Touch Control

Premium Comfort Control at your Fingertips

When you install the Infinity® Touch Control as part of a Carrier® Infinity zoning system, you have one-touch temperature control in up to eight separate rooms or zones within your home.

Harker Star Rating:

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  • Customized Comfort. Separate control of multiple zones can significantly reduce hot and cold spots for more even, consistent comfort. Enjoy maximum efficiency with comfort precisely where and when you need it so you aren’t spending money heating or cooling unused rooms.
  • Customized Zone Names. Creating a customized name for each zone makes it easier to monitor comfort levels or create new settings for the correct areas.
  • Zoned Ventilation Settings. To help optimize airflow, our patented fan control lets you set different fan speeds for your Infinity system at a different time schedule for each zone.
  • Flexible, Seven-Day Programmability. Maximize comfort and energy savings with a different comfort schedule in each zone.
  • Convenience and Control. A smart sensor or remote room sensor in each zone monitors individual zone temperatures and allows you to adjust the temperature setting for that zone.
  • And a whole bunch more!! See the brochure under the Documents tab for more info.



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