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Burnham Independance Boiler

The Independence is a residential, gas-fired boiler for steam or hot water systems. It is available for either natural or LP gas and has AFUE ratings of up to 83%. Its large water volume and durable cast iron sections make it an ideal replacement for even the most challenging steam or water heating system.

Standard equipment on the Independence includes cast iron push nipples that provide a permanent, watertight seal between sections, Honeywell operating controls, vent damper and a rugged steel base assembly. A deluxe, insulated, powder-coated steel jacket completely encloses gas valves and burners, and reduces boiler heat loss.

The exclusive Independence PV models have been specifically configured to operate as direct vented products for installation in homes with a damaged or irreparable chimney.

Harker Star Rating:

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  • Natural or LP gas
  • Designed for “steam” system applications
  • Rugged cast iron heat exchanger
  • 10 sizes to meet your specific needs
  • High quality boiler components
  • Time proven design for low cost of ownership
  • Optimum venting flexibility
  • 10-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Optional 5 or 10-year Extended Warranties available covering all
    parts and labor


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