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Online Reviews From The Madison Area

Below are reviews from such sites as Google, Facebook, Yelp, and others.  As a service business that has been in the Madison area for more than 67 years, we’ve always placed feedback from our customers in the highest regard.  After all, if we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.  During these past 67 years, we’d like to think we are the perfect heating and cooling company.  We’d like to boast that we are absolutely perfect at repairing every kind of furnace and air conditioner.  The truth is, we’re still learn and yes, we’re not perfect.  We do, however, believe that striving to be the area leader in all things heating and cooling is a noble task.  That’s why we place an emphasis on continuous learning, from coaching and training, to small meetings, for all of our staff.  Whether they be technicians or work in our office building and warehouse.  We’re proud of the service that we deliver and we’re very proud of the people that provide it.  Please read below the reviews we have received recently  This page is updated weekly to keep the reviews fresh, applicable and appropriate to this space in time.  All feedback is welcome at info@HarkerHeating.com.

My furnace went out and called Harker Heating & Cooling. They were here in a couple of hours. Vern was super friendly and had a great sense of humor! He had the furnace fixed quickly. He asked for the vacuum to vacuum the mess. He was informative and so helpful. Julie at the office was very friendly also. I’d recommend Harker Heating & Cooling to everyone. Thank you!
Cathy M, 1.3.17, Facebook

John showed up right on time. Very friendly and competent. Explained the work he did when he was finished with the checkup. The scheduling was easy and prompt.
Peter G, 1.3.16, Yelp!

We experienced problems with our furnace for several days over the holidays. Three technicians came over, but were unable to figure out the problem. The fourth technician, Vernan, came over this afternoon and, I think, finally solved the problem and fixed our furnace at an affordable price. He was very kind and very professional. From now on, we’ll always request Vernan, when we call Harker Heating & Cooling. He takes his job very seriously. Your company should be proud of having someone that skilled. Please give him a pay raise! I don’t think you’ll ever find such a terrific technician.
Kirsten Wold, 12.27.16, Judy’s Book

John J. was courteous, knowledgeable and friendly during my checkup. He answered all my questions and gave me quotes on possible upgrades.
Thomas Mathews, 12.23.16, Better Business Bureau

I appreciated Tony R.’s willingness to explain what he was doing and show me things I could do myself.
David S, 12.22.16, Better Business Bureau

We always call Harker and have never been disappointed. John J. was extremely thorough and polite.
Donna F, 12.21.16, Facebook

My house was 50 degrees after 6:00pm and sub zero temps. Vernon walked me through over the phone several steps that I needed to get my furnace working again. His troubleshooting was spot on, and with some instructions got me back up and running. His professionalism and expertise are greatly appreciated. I have used Harker several times in the past and they have always been prompt and fix the issue the first time. This time was no exception.
Russell O, 12.19.16, Yelp!

John came out and did a great job checking/cleaning our furnace. The furnace was making a really loud noise, and he was able to fix it by attaching a few washers to the motor area. I’m really glad he found a work around, because changing the motor would be on the order of $500 or $600! Hopefully it will hold out for a little longer!
Claudia G, 12.19.16, Better Business Bureau

Selecting the right subcontractors for a project is critical to getting a project off to the right start and is a key factor in determining the success of a project. JP Cullen holds its subcontractors accountable and expects them to exceed the owner’s high standards as part of the team. We fully endorse Harker Heating, and have been impressed by their work, which we have seen first-hand.
Harker Heating, led onsite by Project Manager Jeff Johnson, performed to an exemplary level on the Union Corners project. JP Cullen was the Construction Manager of the project, which was under construction in 2015-2016, and is in an ideal position to speak to the professionalism, responsibility, and capability of Harker Heating.
During the project, Harker Heating participated in BIM coordination, submitted shop drawings and submittals in a timely fashion, obtained SBE commitment for the project. They also participated in commissioning, and delivered the equipment on-time.
Harker Heating was ahead of schedule throughout the job and coordinated their work and deliveries. They led MEP rough-ins in the field. They participated in weekly Friday site clean-ups where materials were tidied and organized, and also in end-of-shift meetings and foreman meetings.
JP Cullen recommends Harker Heating as a subcontractor without hesitation or reservation.
Jeannine C, 12.16.16, Letter Of Recommendation

I had a problem with my furnace and the forecast was for below zero temperatures overnight earlier this week. So, I needed heat. I called the Harker Heating & Cooling after hours emergency number, and the lady that answered, said a technician would call me shortly. Wayne called and said he was 10 minutes away, and would be there soon. Wayne arrived promptly, and was very professional. He quickly diagnosed the problem, and fixed it. I was extremely pleased with the customer service, and would recommend Harker Heating & Cooling to all my friends and neighbors.
Vince W, 12.16.16, Google

Mark serviced our furnace. Mark is always willing to answer questions. I requested Mark because he does a great job.
Charlene B, 12.13.16, ReviewBuzz

John J did an excellent job giving the yearly service to our Carrier Furnace today, 12/9/16. He was efficient and professional. It was a pleasure to meet him. A raise for him is well deserved.
Paul B, 12.09.16, Facebook

Had a new furnace installed last year by Harker. They did a great job, reasonable price. They even cleaned up after themselves! They had quite the project getting the old clunker out. We just had our annual inspection done by John. He was on time, even a little early which is good. I had received a call prior to John’s arrival asking if it was ok if he arrived ahead of schedule. So that was great service. I really appreciate that he took the time to put those disposable boots over his shoes to keep my house/carpet clean. He was a very personable fellow. He was even very nice to our never-stop-barking little dog. Took the time to answer all the questions I had about our Aprilaire system so I can understand the settings, and how to replace the filter. Did a thorough inspection of our furnace, explained all the tests he did to make sure everything was working as it should. Thanks for a job well done!
Florence R, 12.08.16, Yelp!

John was extremely professional and explained the entire service call in specific detail; I was very pleased.
Jon P, 12.08.16, Better Business Bureau

Kurt did a furnace check up for us today. He was very courteous, friendly and answered our questions. He made sure he took his boots off when entering our home.
Jack P, 12.07.16, Better Business Bureau

Arrived on schedule and found him easy to deal with and found him very understanding of my hearing loss.
Gail J. 12.06.16, Facebook.

John J. was great! He was friendly, efficient and helpful. Without being pushy or judgy he wrote down exactly which filter I needed and the current status of our furnace and told me about other services they offer. I will be calling Harker to get our gas fireplace tuned up–who knew they did that?!
Sue L, 11.29.16, ReviewBuzz

John did an excellent job explaining what he did. He was punctual and our dog loved the attention.
Karen L, 11.28.16, ReviewBuzz

Harker had done a furnace tune up 3 weeks earlier but we were having trouble with the blower, Travis came 2 hours after we called did a great job and repaired it all at no charge. That’s good service.
rick B, 11.28.16, Yelp!

Excellent experience – prompt and courteous and competent – I am very pleased with the service and will continue using this company.
Julia L, 11.28.16, Better Business Bureau

Wayne was great. Called to say he could arrive early if that worked for us. He got here and methodically diagnosed why our furnace was no longer blowing warm air…turns out our circuit board had gone bad and was not sending any power to the motor, something I would never have figured out on my own. He broke down the different solutions and costs and, one we had the part located, left to go get it. An hour later we have heat again, all for a very reasonable rate. I’ll be asking for Wayne again and recommend both him and Harker.
B, Lee, 11.25.16, Google

Very pleased with Mark’s visit. He seemed knowledgeable and was polite and friendly.
Colleen E, 11.24.16, ReviewBuzz

Jim P was very friendly and knowledgeable. Always appreciate and enjoy the service we get from Harker Heating & Cooling.
Frank A, 11.21.16, Google

Jim P. of Harker Heating was here today to clean and adjust furnace and humidifier and to replace filters in both. He did a very good job and I will always ask for him.
Tony S, 11.17.16, Better Business Bureau

Great – on time and explained everything. Top notch service guy.
John H, 11.17.16

We want to thank Vernon R. For the outstanding job he did tracking down our heating problem. After many trips to the boiler room he found the problem and we have heat! Thankyou Vernon R.
Paul P, 11.16.16, ReviewBuzz

On time and efficient. The technician, Wayne, was very friendly and discussed current status of the unit and what future needs I might have. The visit was pleasant and productive. I highly recommend Harker and Wayne in particular.
Eric T, 11.11.16, Google

I have been using Harker for years, the best always!
Anne C, 11.8.16, ReviewBuzz

Very methodically, Jim checked out our new boiler and its connections to our old system in our Home … and gave us a tip on a new kind of coffee! Great work. Good coffee. Thanks.
Sarah N, 11.8.16, ReviewBuzz

John J. did a great job getting our furnace ready for winter. Very friendly and even took the time to walk me through replacing my thermostat batteries.
Ann H, 11.7.16, Facebook

These guys were great! Called Friday and got somebody over to check the furnace on Monday! And Vern was totally informative and professional. Couldn’t have been nicer. And my dog Coco loved him too! Now, I will have to write another review later this week when they come to replace my furnace. Hope that goes just as well…but I’ve got a good feeling that it will. THANKS HARKER!
Carol S, 11.7.16, Yelp!

I have no worries with Harker.  If I need help they are there and help me with my problems.  I can always rely on them.  Service people are great.
Janet A, 11.2.16, Facebook

Wayne was very good at explaining what is needed for our heating system.  Very personable and clear.
Glenn N, 11.1.16, Google

Kurt was on time, personable and professional.  I was very happy with the services – as usual.
Mary H. 10.31.16, ReviewBuzz

This was the second time Kurt performed our annual inspection…he is very knowledgeable and professional.
Randy M. 10.28.16, Facebook

Service was polite and efficient and very helpful about replacement in future.
Roy B. 10/27/16, Facebook

Jim was very personable and efficient providing fall furnace maintenance. Nothing found except changing filter. Thanks.
Amanda R. 10/26/16, Google

Nate S  did a great job and answered all my questions. We are very pleased with there service and glad we purchased our furnace and our AC from Harker & Heating.
Kathy B, 10.19.16, Google

I love Harker to take care of all my heating/cooling needs. Nate S. did my annual tune up and was perfectly on-time and was great with my little puppies that tried jumping on him. So kind and prompt. Harker Heating and Cooling has the most efficient staff and are always quick to help.
Sarah U, 10.18.16, Google

It was easy and fast to make the service appointment with Harker Heating and Cooling. The service technician (Kurt) was very courteous and professional.
Robert L, 10.18.16, Google

I haven’t had a lot of experience with Heating & Cooling companies, but these guys are true professionals.  They appear (to me) to be a little on the pricey side, but they do great work and have excellent customer service.
Corey O, 10.18.16, Google

John J. was the latest excellent Harker technician who came to clean our furnace in its yearly check. He was prompt, friendly, and efficient, and suggested on his own that we change the batteries on our thermostat, which he did. We feel very comfortable wit Harker’s taking care of our heating and cooling systems.  Thank you, Harker!
Grace S, 10.12.16, Facebook

Kurt was very friendly and answered all of my questions.  He was on time, and got the furnace check up done efficiently.
Christy, 10.17.16, ReviewBuzz.

Harker did the original installation of HVAC when my condo complex (formerly apartments) went through a complete rehab in the late 199’s, so I stayed with them when I updated my equipment in 2012.  I’m glad I did.  Over the Labor Day weekend, I realized there was a problem with the A/C when I noticed water puddling on the floor in the basement underneath the unit.  This happened only a few months after Harker did the routine preventive maintenance.  When I called the scheduler was (as always) very good about setting up the service call at a time that was convenient for me.  That’s not a small thing… it really matters because my schedule is complicated but I prefer to be home whenever there is work being done on my house.  Nate S. came out on the call, and was very professional.  He identified the problem quickly, answered all of my questions patiently, and went out of his way doing a little extra above and beyond.  It turns out that the condenser unit needed to be replaced, as a warranty repair.  Nate also came back on the second trip to do the repair, and everything was taken care of quickly, courteously, and professionally.  Ever since the initial sale, I’ve never had any reason to doubt my decision to go with Harker for my HVAC work.  Definitely recommend.
Don E, 10.15.16, Google

John J. was friendly and efficient and got right to work. He also offered helpful suggestions while he was here. We’ve enjoyed each of the folks that have serviced our furnace and will continue to use them for years.
Grace S, 10.12.16, Facebook

Harker’s team of plumbers (Jordan Br., Wayne L., and Aaron W.) tackled a plumbing project in preparation for the installation of a new HVAC system. They completed the work in a very efficient manner and paid great attention to the details involved in the job. I was very impressed with their skills and their great customer service attitude in wanting to get it right in every way. It was a complex job and they completed it with great skill. Additionally, they thoroughly cleaned the work areas upon completion. I would call on Harker again and highly recommend their services.
Ann M, 10.11.16, Better Business Bureau

Scheduled our annual furnace checkup with Harker and all went as promised. Jim arrived and went right to work. I will mention he put on the protective booties without having to be asked, which is a plus in my book. As suggested the time for completion of maintenance was approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Very pleased with Harker and their staff.
Jim B, 10.10.16, Better Business Bureau

Tony performed the annual furnace check-up well. He made some useful suggestions about the type of replacement unit he would recommend when it was time to upgrade. He stated that that shouldn’t be necessary for a few years given the readings that he had obtained.
William HH, 10.10.16, ReviewBuzz

Tony was right on time, knowledgeable, got right to work, friendly, and very professional. Easy to work with someone who shows enthusiasm for his job.
Bill C, 10.7.16, ReviewBuzz

My furnace and gas fireplace inspection was done by Kurt H.. It was all done very professionally and to my complete satisfaction. Kurt arrived exactly on time. He was very friendly and answered all of my questions without hesitation and to my complete satisfaction. I will have my servicing done by Harker Heating and Cooling again for sure.
Dennis J, 10.6.16, Better Business Bureau

Prompt, quick service. The service technician (Kurt) was knowledgeable and helped correct our furnace issue. I would recommend Harker to others based on my experience with Kurt.
Eric B, 10.6.16, Google

Tony from Harker Heating and Cooling efficiently cleaned and checked our furnace and replaced the filter. We were very happy with the service.
James S, 10.6.16, Better Business Bureau

John came to my house for the annual furnace service. He was pleasant, efficient, knowledgeable and professional;, answered all my questions and gave suggestions for maintaining better heat in my living room. Other service personnel that have been at my house for annual maintenance have also shown the same professional qualities.
Penny N, 10.5.16, Better Business Bureau

Jordan B. and Aaron from Harker Heating and Cooling worked on several jobs in our residential facility in the past few weeks. They were very professional and clearly took pride in doing a great job for us. This is a very old and large house and not easy to work in. I appreciated them explaining to me what needed to be done and how it needed to be done. They made it very easy for me to communicate with my Board of Director’s. They did an excellent job and they were a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend these technicians!!!
Barb G, 10.5.16, Google

Travis wake very polite, personable, efficient and professional.
Jackie S, 9.30.16, ReviewBuzz

This morning a technician from Harker Heating & Cooling arrived to inspect my furnace, and humidifier. He was very pleasant, he answered all my questions and completed the work in a timely manner.
Sue L, 9.30.16, Better Business Bureau

Good, courteous service. Arrived in the window scheduled. Gave great advice.
Kelly M, 9.29.16, Facebook

Nate S. provided prompt and efficient service. He was personable and explained the need to replace the filter.
Roberta K, 10.28.16, Better Business Bureau

Tony was very professional and on time. Harker Heating & Cooling is a good value regarding maintenance of the furnace in my house. I would recommend to check them out if you are in need of a heating & cooling professional.
Fabio Ramirez, 9.28.16, ReviewBuzz

We have used Harker for many years and my parents used them even before that with no problems. Travis was even a little early and finished early. We have no complaints.
Richard N, 9.28.16, Facebook

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