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Know the Flow: Your Guide to Water Softener Installation

If you’re dealing with hard water in your central Wisconsin home, a whole house water softener is the solution you need. But where’s the best location to install it? And what capacity will sufficiently treat your water? The water softener service experts at Harker Heating & Cooling have installed countless High Performance Series™ water softener systems across Dane County and beyond. We’ve gathered decades worth of our insights into this handy homeowners guide to simplify your buying and installation journey.


Water Softener Installation

Where’s the Ideal Place to Install My Water Softener?

When considering High Performance Series™ water softener installation, you first need to map out space for the mineral tank, brine tank and supporting plumbing connections. The main requirements are:

  • Proximity to the home’s main water line. Installation taps into the main water supply to treat incoming water.
  • A working drain downstream. The system needs drainage for the periodic flushing process.
  • Ample space for the tanks. Dimensions vary by model, but leave 3-4 feet clearance for servicing access.
  • Avoid direct sunlight if installing outdoors. UV rays can damage exterior water softener components.

How Do I Choose the Right Capacity Water Softener System?

High Performance Series™ water softeners come in many sizes to best serve families large and small. Choosing your whole house water softener’s size involves calculating your home’s water usage. As a general guideline:

  • 2-3 people: 30,000-45,000 grain capacity
  • 3-5 people: 45,000-57,000 grain capacity
  • 5+ people: 60,000+ grain capacity

An oversized unit wastes salt and money, while an undersized one can’t fully treat your home’s water needs. Contact Harker to determine the perfect system for your household’s habits.


What Does Professional Water Softener Installation Entail?

Once you’ve chosen the right High Performance Series™ water softener for your home, our technicians handle the entire installation process, which includes:

  • Shutting off the main water supply – This is a crucial step to ensure a safe installation process;
  • Draining plumbing lines – Draining the plumbing lines helps prepare the system for the new water softener;
  • Tapping into the main water line’s inlet and outlet – This involves connecting the water softener to the main water supply line;
  • Connecting to a power source – If the water softener requires a power source, connecting it ensures proper functioning;
  • Running drain line to outlet – Establishing a drain line is necessary for the regeneration and flushing process;
  • Refilling plumbing – After installation, the plumbing lines are refilled;
  • Programming computerized settings – For computerized water softeners, programming ensures optimal performance based on water hardness and usage;
  • Adding salt to brine tank – The brine tank needs to be filled with salt to facilitate the ion exchange process; and
  • Testing functionality – Checking the system’s functionality ensures that it’s operating correctly and effectively softening the water.

How Long Does Professional Installation Take?

From start to finish, expect our water softener installation experts to have your whole system up and running in 4-6 hours depending on your home layout. We schedule installs efficiently so you’re only without water during the actual equipment hookup process which generally lasts an hour or two.


Are DIY Installations Recommended?

Attempting water softener installations without training risks leaks, flooding, incorrect programming, and units failing prematurely. We highly advise relying on the experts at Harker, who have been installing High Performance Series™ water softeners and taking the stress off of the homeowner for decades.


Why Trust Harker for Water Softener Installation?

The professionals at Harker Heating and Cooling, Inc. have extensive experience installing water softener units throughout Wisconsin. Contact Harker Heating and Cooling today.

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