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I love My Neighbors - Lawn Sign Promotion

Welcome to the “I Love My Neighbors” lawn sign promotion!

Harker HeatingThis program has been created to:

  • Generate name recognition of Harker Heating & Cooling in McFarland.
  • Give some prizes away – who doesn’t enjoy doing that?
  • Give back to the McFarland community by way of a donation to the McFarland School District.

Here are the W’s of the promotion:

What:  In the months of September and October, register yourself below to have a Harker Heating & Cooling lawn sign placed in your  yard.

Why:  Our goal is to have as many lawn signs as we can in the community to increase name recognition.

Who:  All residents of McFarland, WI.

When:  The promotion starts on 9/1/17 and ends on 10/9/17.  The winner will be announced on 10/11/17 pending contact.

How:  One day in the first week of October, we’ll drive around McFarland and note all of the homes that have a lawn sign.  We’ll then enter these homes in to the drawing.  The winner will be chosen at random from this group to receive the cash prize.

Cash prizes will range from $50 to $2800 depending on participation.  The more people you register, the greater your chances of a win.  We will make a donation to the McFarland School District between $100 to $2800, depending on participation.  See prize table below.

Here are the prize levels:

Lawn Sign Chart

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For contest rules, please click here – Contest Rules

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