Homeowner's Association/Condo Goldstar Tune-Up Program

Welcome to our Homeowner’s Association/Condo Goldstar Tune-Up Program!

The basics are simple, we’ll be in your area for a few days performing furnace tune-ups.  The more people that choose to have their furnace tuned up, the better, because you save.  How does that work?  We can charge less money based on the fact that we are not traveling to and from job sites on multiple occasions.  We save on gasoline and labor costs and we pass those savings right on to you. If 30 people were to participate, for instance, each homeowner would save $71 on the regular cost of the tune up – That’s almost half price!

Click here to see what is included in a furnace tune-up: https://tinyurl.com/hp4s5rd

Please some of the details below.  Then, click on to your association/condominium home page, listed below to register.

PreventPreventative Maintenance Furnace
Please look below to link to your Homeowners Association Program:

+  Allied Dunn’s Marsh
+  Appalachian Ridge
+  Arbor Hills
+  Bay Creek
+  Bayview Foundation
+  Berkley Oaks
+  Blackhawk
+  Bram’s Addition
+  Brentwood Village
+  Bridge-Lake Point



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