Harker Cam

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Harker Cam – Brought To You By Nest Cam Outdoor

Our Harker Cam is set up for you to take a sneak peak at the beltline traffic and see how busy it is.  The camera is set up at our office just off of the Rimrock Road exit.  We’re lucky, we get to see all types of events.  Have you ever seen the President Of The United States scuttling down the road?  We’re lucky to have seen it.  So, please enjoy the camera.  Please click on the icon on the bottom right side to view it in full screen.

We’re the Nest Elite Pro in the area.  As you know, the Nest Learning Thermostat has been around for some years now.  Over that time Nest has continued to offer a very wide array of technology.  The Nest Cam Outdoor is new to the marketplace.  It features a wide array of abilities including 24/7 streaming, 24/7 continuous recording, person alerts, and two-way radio, crisp 1080p video, bright, clear Night Vision, and the ability to check from all devices such as your phone, tablet of desktop.  If you have any questions about the devices and tools offered by Nest, please email us at info@HarkerHeating.com.  We’d love to help.

Harker Cam

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