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Getting the Most Out of Your Boiler: Maintenance, Repair & Replacement Tips

Being a Madison-based HVAC company, we’ve learned a lot about how to deal with the bitter cold in the Midwest. Perhaps the most important lesson is the importance of an efficient, well-maintained boiler. As the heart of most heating systems, boilers provide cozy and consistent warmth when we need it most. But like any frequently used appliance, wear and tear degrades performance over time. How can you optimize boiler lifespan? When do you know your boiler needs service? Our experts break down top boiler troubleshooting tricks, when to repair vs. replace, ideal maintenance schedules and more boiler guidance below.


When Is It Time to Replace My Boiler?

Many homeowners wrestle with whether to repair or replace an aging, inefficient boiler. As a general rule of thumb, boilers older than 15 years old start to show serious signs of wear. Key indicators your boiler may need replacement include:

  • Significant loss of heating capacity;
  • Constant breakdowns;
  • Significant dips in energy efficiency;
  • Rust accumulation; and
  • Strange noises

While our Harker HVAC technicians can restore operation with boiler repair and maintenance, extensive breakdowns usually signal the impending end of lifespan. If you’ve owned your boiler for 10+ years, replacement often proves the wiser, more cost-effective choice for the long-term.


Top Boiler Troubleshooting Tips

Many common boiler issues stem from minor, easily-corrected factors. Before calling for service, try these simple troubleshooting tips:

  • Restore proper water pressure;
  • The thermostat could be the problem – check that it’s set properly and functioning;
  • Ensure the electric main switch did not flip off;
  • Check for debris trapped in air intake; and
  • Confirm adequate fuel supply (for all LP units). 

Catching small glitches early keeps your system running smoothly all winter long.


Ideal Time for a New Boiler Installation

Since a boiler replacement means going a few days without heat, Harker technicians strongly recommend installing a new system in early fall before cold weather sets in. This prevents putting your home through frigid temps during the installation window. Contact Harker Heating and Cooling to get ahead of winter demand.

Starting the boiler replacement process early also allows adequate time to size and source the correctly sized boiler model for your space. Proper sizing gets you the best efficiency over time.


Boiler Maintenance Delivers Efficiency & Savings

Like changing the oil in your car at regular intervals, proper maintenance keeps your boiler working as designed over decades of use. We recommend boiler tune-ups before each heating season as the bare minimum standard. Yearly maintenance checks for leaks, tests combustion efficiency, clears debris and confirms safety components function properly. Investing a little annually saves hugely on out-of-pocket boiler repairs later on.


Depend on Harker’s Boiler Experts Year-Round

With decades of experience keeping homes toasty, no heating challenge is too complex for our team. We provide expert installations, seasonal maintenance, emergency repair services and more – all customized to you and your family’s needs. Contact us today to discuss repair vs replacement guidance. Here’s to reliable warmth this winter!

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