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Fall Home Energy Tips

The Sun Can Help

Open up the curtains on your south facing windows during the daytime to allow the sun to heat your home.  Close them at night to reduce the chill effect from cold windows.

Drafty Windows

Curtains or drapes can also play a role in how tight they are to the windows.  The tighter they are to the windows, the better.  Also use heavy duty plastic sheets that can adhere to your window frames.  Again, the tighter, the better.  Tightness will reduce infiltration on cold air.

Maintain Your Heating System

Schedule service on your furnace or boiler.  Replace your furnace filter as needed.

Lower your Water Heating Costs

Turn down the temperature of your water heater – A few degrees could save you a few dollars.

Find and Seal Leaks

Find and seal air leaks around utility pipes, recessed ceiling lights, cupboards and closets.  Add caulk to seal air leaks around outside facing doors and windows.

Adjust Your Thermostat Temperature

When you are home, set your thermostat to a lower temperature that you can deal with or are comfortable with.  At night, turn your thermostat back 5 to 15 degrees.  You can certainly save money by doing this.  Of course, we all have comfort preferences, so adjust accordingly.

Keep Registers Clear and unobstructed

In any weather circumstance, if your registers are covered or obstructed in any way, you will lose the benefit of that register.  As an example, if your bedroom is cold in the winter because the air is obstructed somehow, that room will likely never be to your comfort level.  If the location of the thermostat is in a room where the air is unobstructed, the air temperature will always be satisfied based on that thermostat setting.  Your bedroom will  struggle to reach the level of that thermostat in your bedroom, if the air is not getting to that room, there will be an even greater temperature disparity.

Add Humidification

Adding a humidifier to your home can help you feel warmer at lower temperatures.  Remember how warm it feels in a Wisconsin Summer when it’s humid?  The same applies to winter.

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