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Does UV Light Kill Corona Virus?

Ultra Violet Air Purification
Even though the coronavirus(SARS-CoV-2), which has been causing the disease known as COVID-19, is taking an unsuspecting world by storm, the best thing we can do is be ready, but never afraid. Some steps can be made to prepare and fight back against this coronavirus.

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UV Light Kills Coronavirus
For several decades, it has been known by scientists that broad-spectrum germicidal UV light, with wavelengths between 200 and 400 nanometers (nm), is very effective at killing bacteria and viruses by destroying bonds that hold their DNA together. This standard UV light is often used to decontaminate surgical equipment. Unfortunately, these conventional germicidal UV lights are also a health hazard to humans and can lead to skin cancer and cataracts, which prevents the use of UV light in public spaces.

The virus is sensitive to ultraviolet heat and light, so radiation from ultraviolet light can eliminate the virus effectively, according to the latest guideline on diagnosis and treatment of the coronavirus released by the National Health Commissions.

Will UV Light Kill Viruses? Or Hurt People?
Physicians hypothesized that a narrow spectrum of ultraviolet light called Far-UVC could kill microbes without damaging healthy tissue several years ago. Far-UVC light has a very restricted range and can not penetrate the outer layer of the human skin or tear layer in the eyes. Because of this, it is not a human health hazard, but because viruses and bacteria are much smaller than the cells of humans, far-UVC light can reach their DNA, effectively killing them. All this without damaging human tissue.

According to health guidelines, ultraviolet light should be used to disinfect indoor spaces with an intensity of 1.5 watts per square meter. A UV lamp can disinfect any object within one meter for at least thirty minutes.

More prolonged exposure to radiation will be needed when the temperature of an indoor area is below 60F or above 104F and when relative humidity is over 60 percent. Rooms that have been UV disinfected should be ventilated, and people are suggested not to enter the room for half an hour or later.

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