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Let Harker Heating & Cooling Inc. take care of the HVAC for your new building, no matter how big or small. Harker’s portfolio shines with a wide range of system sizes and types that will ensure the proper fit for your project.

With Harker, you will work with one point of contact from start to finish whether it is estimator, project manager, or warranty contact. This will save you some time and stress while your project is being completed.

Our 24-Hour service department shows that we stand behind what we build & install. We want you to not only have a safe, cost effective, & efficient HVAC system, but to also have the piece of mind knowing that your new building will be looked after by highly trained service technicians.


Commercial HVAC Service and Preventive Maintenance

“HVAC represents 42% of energy use in commercial buildings. The average energy savings resulting from the implementation of a proper scheduled maintenance program are $8–11 billion annually.”

Advantages of Preventive Maintenance

Check Scheduled Inspections – We provide a qualified service technician to inspect your HVAC equipment for proper operations to ensure it is in top working order for the upcoming cooling or heating season.
Check Convenience – You don’t have to keep track of when your HVAC equipment is due for maintenance. Whether you prefer quarterly or semi-annual service, it is set up on an automatic schedule to be completed per your request.
CheckReduced Monthly Energy Costs – A properly maintained system can operate more efficiently than a dirty or non-maintained system. With gas and electric rates continually on the rise a maintenance program is one of the easiest cost saving measures to implement.
Check  Priority Service – As a service agreement customer, you will receive same-day emergency service.
Check Increased Equipment Life  -The life cycle of HVAC equipment is greatly reduced when it is not maintained to the manufacturer’s specifications. Also lowers the risk of damage to other components in the equipment.
Check Commercial HVAC Maintenance – Contract Your HVAC equipment is a vital part of your building’s indoor air quality, yet it is often taken for granted. Much like an automobile, it needs regular maintenance to provide you with maximum comfort, efficiency and reliability. With our preventive maintenance agreement, you will enjoy these benefits at an affordable cost.

Mechanical Service

Check Emergency Service and Repairs – Harker Heating and Cooling offers 24/7 emergency service and repairs. Call 608-255-6902 at any time for immediate assistance with heating or cooling emergencies. Our trained, licensed staff has the ability and tools to service all makes and models of HVAC equipment regardless of who installed it.
Check We Provide Service to the Following Markets – Commercial, Retail, Office Complex, Apartments, Condominiums, Restaurants, Hotels & Hospitality, Manufacturing, Educational Institutions, Data Centers, Medical Clinics, and Residential. We also provide renovations, modifications,
upgrades, and/or replacement of existing equipment and systems.

Spring Cooling Inspection

Check Check/change all air filters
CheckTest all safeties
Check Check compressor
CheckCheck contactors
CheckCheck for refrigerant leaks
Check Check blower assemblies
CheckCheck electrical connections
CheckCheck component amps
CheckClean condensate drains
CheckLubricate motors/bearings
CheckCheck evaporator temperatures
CheckInspect/clean condenser coils
CheckInspect/clean all accessible evaporator coils


Fall Heating Inspection

CheckCheck/change all air filters
CheckCheck gas pressures
CheckTest heat exchanger for carbon monoxide leaks
CheckTest all safeties
CheckCheck blower assemblies and belts
CheckClean and adjust pilots
CheckClean and adjust burners
CheckClean heat exchangers
CheckCheck electrical connections
CheckCheck component amps
CheckLubricate motors/bearings
CheckTest complete cycle
CheckInspect flue pipes and draft diverters

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