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Heating in Cherokee

When winter arrives in our area, the mercury can tumble.  At Harker Heating & Cooling, we won’t leave you with the worry that your heater isn’t working.  We’re here to help!  We fix, service, repair, maintain, all brands and models of residential furnaces, oil, or gas.  We fix boilers, repair heat pumps, and can replace thermostats.  Need to replace your furnace?  We do it all.  We have more than 15 service trucks to serve the area.  With this many service vehicles, Harker Heating & Cooling can get to you when others may not.

Cooling in Cherokee

Summers in our area can be just as brutal as the winters.  Especially when you throw in the humidity.  When the temperatures are up, and the air conditioner goes down, Harker’s here to help!    Just like furnaces, we fix, service, repair, maintain, all brands and models of residential air conditioners.  Want to replace your old air conditioner?  We sell, install, and warranty reliable air conditioning systems.  Whether you’re in the market for a general unit, or you want energy saving air conditioners with all the bells and whistles, we’re here to help.  We have a complete range of air conditioners to suit the needs of just about anybody.

Air Quality in Cherokee

One of the more overlooked aspects of our homes, unfortunately, is the air we breath.  So, why is indoor air quality important?  According to the EPA, we spend 90 percent of our time indoors.  For many people this means that the health risks may be greater.  The air we breath inside is more polluted that the air we breathe outside, in most cases.  At Harker Heating & Cooling, we offer many solutions in the way of air filtration.  We also offer products that can help with the humidity of your home.  From Humidification to Dehumidification and air filtration we’re here to help.

Water Heaters in Cherokee

Hot water is just about a necessity for most of us.  Luckily, Harker Heating & Cooling can help you with that.  From minor water heater leaks to complete replacement, we offer the complete package.  We can fix, repair, maintain, and replace water heaters.  Need help with your water softener?  We can help there, too.  In emergency situations, we can offer same day installation.  Call us when you need help!

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