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How To Change Your Aprilaire Humidifier Filter

This video provides an easy to follow tutorial on how to change your Aprilaire Humidifier Filter.

  1. Turn the power to the furnace off.
  2. Turn off the power to the humidifier.
  3. Remove the cover from the humidifier by unclipping it.
  4. Pull out from the top, first.
  5. Make sure damper is in the summer position (closed).
  6. Pull the panel out.
  7. Remove hose.
  8. On the cartridge, remove the head by unclipping it.
  9. Lift the water panel out.
  10. Pay attention to the direction you will insert the new one (cups to top, or dye on top).
  11. Slide in the new water panel.
  12. Attach the head to the cartridge.
  13. Re-connect the hose all the way to the stop.
  14. The bottom of the cartridge goes in first.
  15. Clip in the top in, let it click.
  16. Grab the cover and click it back in to place.
  17. Turn damper to winter position.
  18. Go back and turn furnace on.
  19. Reset your humidifier.
  20. Set it between the 3 and 5 setting in Wisconsin.
  21. Turn thermostat to heating position.
  22. You’re all set!

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Video Transcript:

“Welcome to Harker heating and cooling, today we have Dirk, one of our residential project managers walking us through how to change your Aprilaire humidifier filter.

Good-day this is Dirk from Harker Heating & Cooling. Today we’re going to show you how to change the water panel in your Aprilaire 600 automatic humidifier. A lot of these humidifiers are in Dane Co. in Madison. Aprilaire is right from Wisconsin, so it’s a great Madison product.

So the first thing you need to do when you replace the humidifier panel is go to the thermostat and turn the power off to the system. Then you turn the heat off, the air conditioning ‘off’, and putting in the ‘off’ setting and make sure the blower’s off as well. After the furnace is turned off you can go to the furnace itself and turn the switch off. That’s on the side of the side, typically, and make sure that your control on your humidifier is off. Some of these can be placed in the hallway of a home.

These particular models are typically placed on the side of the furnace return air. That’s the air that’s coming from the house. So once that’s all been done and your humidifier is now off, the screen will be blank it, won’t show anything. Go to the front of your Aprilaire 600, 700, or 500 and, the two top clips on, some of the older models there is a clip on the side. And you unclip it and make sure to set the cover down softly, it’s plastic. And what you want to do first is pull up from the top, and you will hear two clicks. Also, make sure that the damper that’s on the side of it is in the summer position. You need to do that to get the water panel off.

So you pull the panel out, remove this hose, so it’s not broken, and you have a top piece that will essentially just flip out. And that will just pull right out. Set that down to the side, and then you can lift your panel out. You should be able to see through your water panel. There is a direction to these. It’s either marked with paint on the top, or the cups have to go to the top. So, it should be in a vertical direction that these cups go.

So, you replace the water panel, slide it back in, and you take the head cover and push that in and you’ll hear that click back in to place. Then connect your hose, your hose will go up against the stop. It can’t go any further than that. It needs to go up against the stop.

The bottom goes in first; you put the drain in first and push the top in. You will hear it click that it’s in place. Grab the cover; click that back in to place. Turn it to the winter position. That means it’s humidifying and mixing air in to the house.

Now you can go back, turn your furnace on. Reset your humidifier. It keeps track of how long that panel has been in there. Once the light starts flashing, the timer has been reset. Typically, in Wisconsin, we want it between the 3 and 5 setting, based on your home.

The great thing about the Aprilaire 600, is that it senses the outside temperature, and it will adjust the humidity inside the house based on the outside temperature. Now, once this is on, go to your thermostat, turn it to the heating position. And now you are set to humidify your home.”

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