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Things To Check Before You Call For A Harker Furnace Technician

If you are having trouble with your furnace, there may be a few simple reasons why.  Before you call for a Harker Service Technician, try these:

  1.  Check your thermostat – Make sure that it is set on HEAT.  Make sure the thermostat is powered up.
  2. Thermostat Setting – Make sure your heat temperature setting is higher than the inside recorded temperature.
  3. Power – Check to make sure that there is power to your furnace.  Try resetting the electrical breaker for the furnace.
  4. Air Flow – Is there air coming out of your vents?  Make sure to keep all grilles open and unobstructed.  Is there a hutch, couch, or bed, in the way of the air?
  5. Check your furnace filter – Your filter should be changed often, and it really depends on what type of filter you have, and the environment you live in.  If your filter is clogged up, air will not pass through with ease.
  6. Check the outside venting – If this venting isn’t clear, your furnace will likely shut down.  Did you receive a significant amount of snowfall in your area, did the snow drift?  Check to make sure there is no snow covering up the vents.
  7. Ever heard of the furnace shut off switch?  It’s the power switch that looks just like a light switch, and more often than not, it’s on the furnace.  This switch can sometimes get turned in to the off position if you are moving things around in the furnace room, for instance.  If this switch is off, turn it on, wait a few minutes for it for fire up.
  8. Ye Olde Pilot Light – If your furnace is less than 20 years old, it is likely you don’t have a pilot light.  If you do have a pilot light, try to find the manual that came with the furnace.   Remember, you’re dealing with gas and fire.  If you are uncertain, call a pro.

If you have tried these steps above and are still having trouble with your furnace, please, give us a call.  We’d love to help.  You can reach us at 608.630.9872 or via email – info@HarkerHeating.com.

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