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We heart Windsor for its historic farmhouses and rolling hills, but living in a rustic residency is known for posing a few challenges when it comes to HVAC systems.

From replacing aging furnaces to conducting air conditioner maintenance, and repairing hot water heaters, Harker does it all.

So, whether your HVAC systems are malfunctioning or you’re considering a new installation, Harker is on your side. Our team of HVAC specialists will visit your home to provide an in-home assessment and a fair estimate. Just ask your neighbors. We’ve been serving Windsor for over 65 years.

Looking for furnace care and repair

Did you know that dirty air filters are the most common source of furnace breakdowns? When your furnace filter is dirty or clogged, it causes your heating system to work overtime. This can make your heat exchanger overheat and shut off — leaving you with a house that never warms up.

Homeowners should replace the filter roughly every 2-3 months to keep their furnace running smoothly and efficiently.

If you’ve been replacing your furnace filter faithfully, and you’re still experiencing heating problems, you may be in need of repairs or replacement. Our heating experts can help you find the root of the problem and a solution fast.

A/C system running constantly

Dirty air filters are also why air conditioners fail. In Windsor, where we only turn on the air for a few months out of the year, it can be easy to forget about A/C maintenance — until it stops working altogether.

Air conditioning systems can easily get clogged with grass clippings, pet hair or mud, which can diminish its performance, and increase your utility bills.

Is your air conditioner running constantly or blowing hot air? Then it’s time to call the cooling specialists at Harker. We’ll help you determine your cooling options so you can right back to enjoying the dog days of summer.

Indoor air solutions to help your family breathe easy

People spend more than 90 percent of their time indoors, and in winter, that number is even higher. While it’s nice to cozy up with the family, spending so much time indoors can also pose an air quality risk.

Most homes in Wisconsin are built to keep heat in the home. That means dirt, dust, and dander become trapped in your home and is floating through the air. Poor indoor air quality can lead to problems such as headaches, allergies, or respiratory issues.

Harker is here to help you breathe easy. Our team of IAQ specialists can discuss the installation process of whole-home air filtration systems or portable units. Talk to our experts to see what indoor air quality solutions are available to you.

Having water heater problems?

When you turn the faucet to HOT do you see normal water flow or just a dribble? If it’s the latter, you’re likely experiencing problems with your pipes or water heater tank. This can be caused by a build up of hard water.

Sediment in your water can harden and block water flow into and out of the water tank. You may notice that it takes longer to fill a pot for cooking, or that your shower isn’t as enjoyable. Or you may be seeing bigger energy bills.

As one of the biggest investments in your home, you want your water heater to be operating at optimal levels. If you’re experiencing low water pressure, or other hot water heater problems, give our HVAC specialists a call.

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