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Hey, as the “Only Waunakee in the World,” we know Waunakee residents like to feel pretty special. At Harker, we treat everyone like family. When you have a heating and cooling problem in your home, you can rest assured that one of our HVAC technicians will be there in a flash. After all, we have more than 15 service trucks in our fleet to help us get exactly right where you need us to be.

How to maintain your furnace

Before winter’s deep freeze, it’s important to give your furnace a check-up — especially after it’s been sitting unused during the dog days of summer. The first step is to change the air filter. A dirty filter makes your heating system work overtime, which can lead to a furnace breakdown. Throughout winter, the filter should be changed roughly every 1-3 months.Here are a few steps you should take to get your furnace winter-ready:

  • Turn on the thermostat. Be sure to set it above room temperature, and listen for the furnace to kick on.
  • Clean the heat exchanger. Using a small brush and vacuum is an easy way to clear away any build-up of dust.
  • Inspect your carbon monoxide detector. An undetected carbon monoxide detector can have devastating effects.

Signs you need a new air conditioner

When you’re a homeowner, whether to repair or your replace your air conditioning system is a big deal. While occasional repairs — such as fixing a coolant leak — are sometimes needed to maintain your A/C unit, frequent repairs may not be worth the cost.

HVAC experts often use this trick: If the age of your A/C equipment, multiplied by the repair costs exceeds the cost of a new air conditioner, you’re paying out of pocket more than you should.

At Harker, our air conditioner specialists can help you determine whether you should move forward with repairs, or spring for a new A/C system. We invite you to visit our showroom to see what cooling systems are best for your home — and your budget.

Helping Waunakee families breathe better indoor air

Did you know that Americans spend nearly 90% of their time indoors? In Waunakee, subzero temps can keep us cooped up for months — and that’s bad news for your home’s indoor air. Our homes are constructed to keep heat in. With less natural ventilation, your home can “seal in” pollutants such as dust, pollen, pet dander and mold.

Poor air quality can damage your home, and your family’s health. If you notice symptoms such as dizziness, respiratory problems, or itchy eyes, nose or throat, you could have an indoor air quality issue. Harker can help.

Our whole-home fresh air solutions can help filter your air so you and your family can breathe easy. Call to speak to one of our IAQ specialists to learn about our indoor air solutions today.

Waking up to a cold shower? Harker fixes water heaters.

To say Wauknakee winters get cold is an understatement. So, the last thing you want to wake up to is a freezing shower. Is your water heater not working? It might sound obvious, but if your morning routine is hampered by a shower flowing with lukewarm or cold water, you might have a hot water heater issue.

One of the most common water heater problems includes sediment build-up in the water tank. If you’re not sure if this is the problem, check the tub after you bathe. You might notice sediment pooling at the drain. Another sign is rusty water. When your water heater system is older than 10 years, things like corrosion can start to occur.

Harker’s HVAC specialists can provide an in-home assessment to help determine the cause of your water heater problems, and help you determine whether repairs or water heater replacement is needed.

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