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When winter takes over in Oregon, a furnace breakdown isn’t just inconvenient — it could be downright dangerous. In fact, experts say some occupants, such as seniors, may start experiencing signs of hypothermia when the thermostat falls beneath 60 degrees!

At Harker, our mission is to make your home a comfortable place to be. Don’t wait after seeing signs of trouble. Call the experts at Harker for all your HVAC repairs and replacement needs.

What to check when your furnace isn’t turning on

If you’ve tried turning on your furnace to only find yourself feeling cold air, your furnace could be on the brink of a breakdown. Before you call in the experts, there are a few furnace parts you should look over to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Circuit breakers: Be sure nothing is tripped or malfunctioning.
  • Thermostat: Make sure it’s set above room temperatures.
  • Air filters: These should be changed every 30-90 days.
  • Condensate pan: If it’s full, some furnaces will shut off automatically.
  • Blower motor: Check the fan to see if it’s dirty, stuck, or broken.
  • Pilot light: Sometimes a disruption in gas supply can put the flame out.

Of course, not everybody is equipped to make repairs on their own. When your furnace trouble requires more than a DIY fix, call our heating experts and receive an in-home estimate today.

Air conditioner repair vs. replacement

Here in Oregon, we only use our air conditioner systems for a few months out of the year. And we’ve seen it firsthand: a lot of homeowners put their A/C units on the backburner. Sometimes it’s mid-summer before people realize the air conditioning unit isn’t working.

Long before temperatures rise, homeowners should schedule an annual maintenance inspection and replace the air filter. But if your air conditioner is more than 15 years old, is breaking down on a regular basis, or causing a spike in your energy bills, a replacement may actually save you money in the long run.

At Harker, we provide both whole-home air conditioning systems and localized cooling options. Our air conditioning experts can visit your home and help you find a system that is right for your lifestyle.

Poor indoor air quality could be affecting your health

Your home should be a safe and comfortable haven. But living in a winter-dominant state puts Oregon residents at risk for being exposed to poor indoor air quality. Our homes are built to keep the heat in, which means contaminants can’t always find a way out. The result is a build-up of dirt, dust and pet dander in the air, and it’s all being breathed in. You can take a few steps to improve your home’s air quality, including:

  • Vacuuming the carpets daily;
  • Cleaning linens and furniture where dust can build; and
  • Having your air ducts cleaned and cleared. (We can help with that!)

You may also consider investing in an indoor air quality solution, such as a whole home air cleaner or portable purifier. Whether for health reasons, or for peace of mind, our IAQ experts can help direct you to the best system for you.

No hot water

Your mornings are stressful enough — why wait around for a shower that doesn’t turn hot? Unlike other HVAC problems, water heater issues are self-evident. You might notice icy temps, rusty-colored water, or sediment gathering in your drain, for example. If any of these water heater problems are happening in your home, don’t go at it alone.

Whether you have a gas heater or an electric one, Harker can help. Our HVAC specialists are on hand to assess your water heater problem and fix it fast.

Visit our showroom to see the latest home heating & cooling equipment on the market.

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