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In Monona, the city has grown from a resort destination to a full-fledged family friendly community. From biking the Monona Lake Loop, to kayaking on the lake, to indulging in food and music festivals, there’s always something fun to do. After a busy day enjoying all that Monona has to offer, there’s nothing like coming home — until an HVAC problem takes you down. Whether your furnace has quit, or your air conditioner is on the fritz, our HVAC service technicians can provide the right fix.

Knowing when to call the heating experts

You’ve been hearing funny noises coming from your furnace for a while now, but now the fan won’t stop running. If this sounds like your home heating system, you could have a furnace problem. Before you call an HVAC company, first be sure your fan is on the right setting. You might want to set your thermostat to “Auto” rather than “on.” This will help prevent your furnace from overworking during a heating cycle and driving up your utility costs.

Second, check your furnace filter. If it is dirty, it can cause your fan to work overtime and lead to a breakdown. If you’ve reviewed your furnace settings and changed your filter and you’re still having problems with your heating, call the HVAC specialists at Harker. They can help troubleshoot the problem and provide during an in-home assessment.

Beat the summer heat with a new air conditioning system

After long chilly winters, residents of Monona live for the summer months — which means your air conditioning system needs to be in tip-top shape. Before the mercury rises on the thermometer, it’s best to prepare your A/C unit for the heat.

A few steps to perform air conditioning maintenance should include:

  • Changing the filters, and replacing used filters about every two months
  • Wiping down the condensation lines, and checking for leaks
  • Cleaning the fins on the outside of the unit.

If you notice your air conditioning system running sluggishly even after taking a DIY approach, call the A/C specialists at Harker. We’ve been repairing or replacing residential air conditioning systems for more than six decades and will know exactly what your home needs.

Need a system for healthy indoor air?

Sometimes opening windows just isn’t enough. At Harker, it is our goal to make your home as comfortable as possible, and that includes the air your family breathes. In the U.S., the concentrations of some pollutants can be up to 2 to 5 times worse indoors than outside. If indoor air quality is a concern in your home, Harker’s IAQ experts can provide you with a host healthy air options.

With a whole-home fresh air system, your family members won’t have to suffer in a musty, humid, or stale environment. Our ventilation systems are built with state-of-the-art filtration systems to remove harmful substances such as dust, pollen, allergies, VOCs, mold spores and more. We also carry portable air filtration units.

Water leaking from bottom of water heater

Most Monona residents have experienced water heater issues at some time, but how do you know when it’s time to replace your water heater? The most obvious answer is age. According to HVAC experts, a water heater should be replaced roughly every 10 years, but other problems may emerge before then. For example, is your water tank leaking? A small puddle could simply be condensation, but it could also be a sign of corrosion, a loose fitting connection, or a broken valve.

Whatever problem your water heater is experiencing, Harker is here to help.

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