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DeForest is known for being a place to “grow the good life.” With its beautiful neighborhoods, park system, and trails, it’s a wonderful place to enjoy all four seasons with your family. Yet the region’s cold winters and hot summers means your HVAC systems work overtime. If you’re experiencing minor issues or full HVAC system breakdowns, Harker is on your side.

Our team of HVAC specialists will visit your home and perform an honest assessment of the problem, and provide you with a fair estimate. And with more than 65 years under our toolbelt, you can rest assured that we’ll fix your HVAC problems with quality and care.

What to do when the furnace won’t kick on

You’ve just returned home after a long day of work, ready to relax — when all of a sudden your furnace won’t kick on. What’s the deal? When you’re facing frigid temperatures, a malfunctioning furnace is more than frustrating, it could be dangerous.

The first thing you want to do is check your thermostat. Make sure it’s set to “Heat” and set higher than the temperature in your room. If it’s all set, you may want to check your breaker and reset the circuit.

If you’re furnace still won’t turn on, don’t stress. Call the heating experts at Harker for help. After 65 years, we’ve seen every heating problem imaginable. Our HVAC specialists will quickly identify your HVAC issue, and fix it fast, so you can get right back to relaxing at home.

Maintaining your A/C system ahead of summer

In DeForest, we may not use our air conditioner for much of the year, but it’s important that your system is running smoothly by the time summer rolls around. Unfortunately, A/C units are often neglected on the maintenance front.

Before temperatures rise, it’s important to look over your A/C unit for frayed cords, clogged drain lines, and dirt and grime. You should also replace your air conditioner filter. Ignoring these simple steps could be costly.

Of course, we’re happy to do all the work for you. Our cooling specialists can perform an annual inspection, or help you discuss your options for whole-home air conditioning systems or localized cooling options for smaller residences.

Indoor air solutions to help you breathe easy

Winters in DeForest mean that most residents spend more than 90% of their time indoors. And when the heat is on, that means the amount of fresh air entering your home dwindles down to nearly none.

With no breeze to escape, irritants such as dirt, dust, mold and pet dander can gather in your home, and lead to poor indoor quality. Breathing contaminated air can cause headaches, fatigue, allergies or upper respiratory problems.

Help your family breathe easy. Call Harker’s team of IAQ specialists to discuss indoor air quality solutions for your home.

Is there something wrong with your hot water heater?

It’s amazing to think about how much you use your hot water heater. From bathing and laundry to cooking and cleaning, we often take hot water for granted. That is until you turn on the faucet and get freezing water flowing instead.

Cold water that won’t turn hot is one of the more obvious signs of water heater trouble, but you might also notice rusty-colored water, sediment in your drains, or low water pressure.

As one of the biggest investments in your home, you can’t afford to let your water heater problems fall to the wayside. Call our HVAC experts to help restore or install a new water heater for you today.

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