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A Guide to Your Furnace Filter

A Guide to Your Furnace Filter
Your furnace, like most things in your house, needs a bit of a clean up now and then. Unlike
refrigerator shelves and end tables, you can’t see when your furnace needs cleaning, at least, you
can’t see the most important part of cleaning it – the filter.
The filter is where all the dust, allergens, and pet dander eventually make their way. Even though
you can’t see it, it needs some attention every now and then. Replacing your furnace’s filter is
the first step in ensuring the air you breathe (and the dust that winds up on those end tables) is
free of harmful mold spores and other air-born bacteria.
Bacteria loves a warm spot, and your furnace’s filter is designed to catch them. Changing that
filter every so often is a crucial component in keeping your home healthy. Most home furnace
systems use disposable filters to the clean the air that passes through the furnace. It doesn’t take
long for furnace filters to get full of dirt particles, dust, hair, dander, skin flakes, and even bits of
biological material. Some of these particles, like mold spores, present serious health hazards to
the occupants of the home.

When to Replace the Furnace Filter
How often you need to replace your filter depends on your home. If you live in a typical family
home with no pets, change the filter every 90 days of use – so when the season changes, it’s time
for a new filter. If you have dogs or cats, change the filter monthly. Likewise, if someone in the
family suffers from allergies, make sure to change the filter every month to 45 days.
Replacing the filter for your home’s furnace system is usually easy, but it does depend on the
HVAC system. The filter’s instructions should give you some basic directions on replacement
and will offer suggestions on how often to replace it in the future. Every three months is standard
for filters, but, keep in mind that all homes and systems are different. If your furnace is older, it
may need more frequent changes because it doesn’t run as efficiently. If you find your furnace is
struggling to keep your home or business warm, despite filter changes, talk with an HVAC pro.

How to Buy the Right Filter
Most home improvement stores carry furnace filters – and there will likely be plenty to choose
from. You can also call us, at Harker, for pricing on any filter.  Odds are, we have them in stock.
We can be reached at 608 255 6902, or email us at info@harkerheating.com.
Determine the size and type of your filter before you call or go to the store.
Look\ask for the filter that is made for your system and avoid purchasing a lower quality filter that
may work for your system – and many others. It may look like filters are all created equal, but a
sub-par filter will mean a furnace that is functioning sub-par. You will likely need to change
cheaper filters more often, too, so the dime you save will be another dime you spend down the
A quality filter offers better filtration for longer, but ultimately the longevity of any air filter
depends on the efficiency of your system, the weather, and your home. For help determining
when to replace your filter or how to do it, contact our team – info@harkerheating.com

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