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5 Benefits of a Condensing Furnace

5 Benefits of a Condensing Furnace
Are you in the market for a new furnace? Have you decided to invest in building a new home and are
considering your options when it comes to major appliances like your water heater and furnace? Heating
technology has evolved significantly in recent years, and a new condensing furnace may be a great option for
your home. These systems offer fantastic performance and higher efficiency than standard furnace systems and
can save homeowners quite a bit of money. Homeowners in need of new furnaces should consider the following
benefits of upgrading to condensing furnaces.

Condensing Furnaces Are More Efficient
A traditional furnace only has one heat exchanger. When combustion occurs within this exchanger, some of the
heat created is lost through the chimney in the form of heated water vapor. This results in a significant
percentage of the heat created by the exchanger being lost as well as excess energy expenditure. A condensing
furnace has a second heat exchanger designed to extract and utilize the heat created in the first heat exchanger’s
combustion process instead of allowing it to escape through the chimney. Therefore, combustion furnaces
generate much more heat using less energy and lose a much smaller percentage of the heat they produce
compared to traditional furnaces.

Condensing Furnaces Have Higher Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency Ratings
Modern heaters all have Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings, and condensing furnaces tend to
have much higher AFUE ratings than traditional heaters. Most condensing furnaces have AFUE ratings of 90%
or more, meaning they are some of the most efficient heating systems available when it comes to the cost to
operate them year after year.

A Condensing Furnace Will Heat Your Home More Evenly
Condensing furnaces run longer than traditional furnaces but at a lower capacity. This results in more even
heating throughout a home on a consistent basis. Older furnaces tend to heat some areas better than others and
run for shorter periods of time, resulting in temperature fluctuations between run times. If you’re tired of some
rooms in your home heating better than others, upgrading to a condensing furnace may be the ideal solution.

Customizable Heating Options
Most modern condensing furnace models feature variable-speed blowers, allowing homeowners to customize
the flow of heated air throughout their homes to their exact preferences. These blowers allow a homeowner to
meet fluctuating heating needs within a home without the added cost that would come from running a
traditional furnace at a higher setting or for longer to achieve the same result.

Condensing Furnaces Can Save You Money on Your Energy Bills
Thanks to the incredibly high efficiency of modern condensing furnaces, many homeowners who choose to
invest in these upgrades typically notice savings on their energy bills within the first few months following
installation. Condensing furnaces produce more heat with lower energy consumption than traditional furnaces,
so upgrading to one is a financially advantageous decision as well as an environmentally responsible one.
Many homeowners look for ways to increase the comfort level of their homes with environmentally responsible
and money-saving upgrades, and condensing furnaces offer both benefits. Over time, a condensing furnace can
pay for itself through energy bill savings and increased comfort without the hassles that typically accompany
traditional furnaces.

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